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Kids Nature Shows - Reptile Shows for Kids - Birthday Party Shows VirginiaCaroline Seitz created Kids Nature Shows LLC in 2019 to further her mission of promoting education, empathy, and compassion for all creatures great and small.

“I hope to help make the world a better place by inspiring young hearts to care about the world around them.”

Before starting Kids Nature Shows, Caroline founded and was the director of Reptiles Alive LLC, a wildly successful traveling live reptile program. During her more than 30 years presenting educational live animal shows, Caroline learned a lot about how to connect with audiences of all ages.  Using all her gained knowledge and experience, Caroline is now super excited to offer fun and educational shows minus the live animals.

“The idea for Kids Nature Shows came to me a few years ago when I started getting asked by a variety of schools and other organizations if we could do a Reptiles Alive show without any live animals.  For a variety of reasons, various venues prohibit live animals but clients loved my shows so much they still wanted to book with us. The clincher came when I started including a puppet tadpole in my shows and when, after the shows, I asked the kids what their favorite animal was, many of them said “Tommy the Tadpole” – they loved the puppet better than any of live animals!”

Caroline’s kid-friendly presentation style combined with her expert knowledge of wildlife are what make Kids Nature Shows so unique and loved.

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“[Caroline] Seitz’s passion for snakes was clear in our conversation, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of wildlife enthusiast Steve Irwin who challenged a lot of misconceptions about dangerous creatures… [Seitz] thought the world would be a kinder place for animals… Seitz discussed the suspicion of science she sees in the news and encounters in real life, a disheartening trend that can only have dire results. She summed it up memorably: “Irrational fear justifies a lot of cruelty.”

– Snake by Erica Wright

Meet Some of Our Stars

Bob the Ball Python

Ally Gator the Alligator

Annie the Eastern Squirrel