Currently Available Shows

All Kids Nature Shows star Caroline Seitz (aka CobraCaroline) along with a colorful cast of animated animal puppets. 

Shows can be adapted to fit your school’s theme or unit, just let me know and I can customize the show for you.

All shows are approximately 30 minutes in length.

Now Offering In-Person & Virtual Shows!

Shows are available in-person in the Northern Virginia area and online virtually anywhere in the world! Contact us for pricing information or any questions.

Animal Classes

Animal expert CobraCaroline will delight young audiences with her friendly and funny animal puppets while introducing them to the differences and similarities between mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish during this fun and educational program.
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Animals in Fall & Winter

How do animals in our neighborhood survive when it gets cold?  Find out how in this show that introduces young audiences to the concepts of hibernation, migration, and other natural science topics related to the seasons of Fall and Winter. View the Teacher’s Guide >>
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Animals in Spring & Summer

Why do birds and frogs sing in the Spring?  What do tadpoles turn into? Where do baby bunnies live?  Learn the answers to all these questions and more during this fun and educational show about the seasons of Spring and Summer.
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Animal Kindness Show

Learn how to be kind to, and safe around, pets and wildlife during this helpful and engaging show. Animal puppets may include Mac the Puppy, Cheese the Kitty, and a variety of wildlife puppets. Check out the Teacher’s Guide >>
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Backyard Wildlife Show

Let’s take a  safari right in our own backyard! Meet some amazing animals that live alongside you and learn about their secret lives. Animal puppet stars you might meet include Annie the Squirrel, Bella the Bumblebee, Robin the Robin, Gary the Garter Snake, and other fun wildlife puppets.
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Biomes Show

Meet a variety of wildly exciting animal puppets while learning about many of the Earth’s major biomes including deserts, temperate forests, tropical forests, freshwater wetlands, and ocean. View the Teacher’s Guide >>
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Bugs Show

Students will meet and learn about a variety of insect, arachnid, and other invertebrate puppets and props while discovering how these creatures serve an important purpose to our planet.  Puppets may include a butterfly, spider, bumblebee, pill bug, snail, and other animals without a backbone.
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Creepy Creatures Show

Discover the truth about some of nature’s most misunderstood animals.  Learn why animals that may seem a little scary are nothing to be afraid of.  Animal puppets may include a bat, spider, snake, and other misunderstood creatures.
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Desert Show

Meet a diverse cast of animal puppets including a rattlesnake, tortoise, tarantula, and more during this fun show about nature’s most extreme environment!  Students will hear stories of how animals adapt to survive in harsh habitats and how certain animals, such as the tortoise, end up helping all the animals that live nearby!
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Rainforest Show

Discover the exciting world of a tropical rainforest!  Meet a unique variety of jungle animal puppets from the rainforest canopy, forest floor and river. CobraCaroline will delight children with fun and funny animal tales including the story of a hungry hungry tegu lizard who tried to steal the eggs from a crocodile!  View the Teacher’s Guide >>
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Reptile Show

Reptile expert and kids entertainer CobraCaroline captures the attention and imagination of young audiences with a combination of engaging storytelling along with playful, colorful reptile puppets including:  Allie the Alligator, Trouble the Tegu Lizard, Tommy the Tadpole, a GIANT boa and other reptile puppet stars. Kids are wildly excited to see this fun, funny and educational nature show.
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Wetland Show

Students will go on an imaginary journey through the Chesapeake Bay watershed during this show featuring aquatic animal puppets including a sea turtle, snapping turtle, frog, fish, and more!  CobraCaroline tells the story of how a plastic bag in our neighborhood ends up traveling to the Atlantic Ocean and almost hurts a sea turtle! Students learn how to help save turtles and other wildlife and how our watershed connects us all to the ocean.
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Move Like An Animal

Get moving and get the wiggles out during this interactive, fun, and educational show. CobraCaroline will introduce us to a cast of colorful animal puppets and show us how to use our body and imagination to move like an animal!
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The Prehistoric Puppets Show

Kids who love dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures will be delighted by the fun and funny antics of CobraCaroline and her prehistoric animal puppet friends.
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Meet Scarlet O' Parrot

The Scarlet Macaw!

Meet Tommy

 The Tadpole!