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Bringing fun and educational LIVE nature shows to Preschools, Day Care Centers, Libraries and other childrens’ venues in the Northern Virginia area.

“I hope to help make the world a better place by inspiring young hearts to care about the world around them.”

Starring Caroline Seitz, a super kid-friendly Wildlife Educator who has more than 30 years of experience educating and entertaining young children about the natural world.

Each show features engaging storytelling with a cast of colorful animal puppets and props. An interactive nature touch table is included to give children a hands on experience with nature.

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We offer a wide variety of fun & educational puppet shows. All of our amazing shows are produced and performed by Caroline Seitz.

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Fun & Educational

Caroline’s kid-friendly presentation style combined with her expert knowledge of wildlife are what make Kids Nature Shows so unique and loved.

About Kids Nature Shows LLC

Caroline Seitz created Kids Nature Shows LLC in 2019 to further her mission of promoting education, empathy, and compassion for all creatures great and small.

“I hope to help make the world a better place by inspiring young hearts to care about the world around them.”

Before starting Kids Nature Shows, Caroline founded and was the director of Reptiles Alive LLC, a wildly successful traveling live reptile program.

Our Shows

Reptile Show

Meet a variety of colorful puppets including alligator, lizard, turtle, frog, and a giant snake in this wildly exciting show featuring Caroline favorite creatures! Stories and topics include: how humans and reptiles are alike and different; how a tadpole changes into a frog; how alligators sing and more!
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Rainforest Show

Meet a variety of jungle animal puppets including an  iguana, boa, tegu lizard, giant beetle, coral snake, and more while you discover the exciting world of a tropical rainforest!  Students will be introduced to rain forest concepts including: adaptations to habitats; layers of a forest, and will love the story of a hungry hungry tegu lizard who tried to steal the eggs from a crocodile.  Students might also re-create a rain storm in the classroom during this dynamic show!
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Backyard Nature Show

Let’s take a safari right in our own backyard and meet a puppets including a turtle, butterfly, pill bug, snake, and more! Discover the amazing lives of the plants and animals that live right beside you!  Topics covered include: how to stay safe around wildlife; hibernation; the amphibian life cycle, and much more!
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Animal Show

Puppet mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and  insects will all be featured in this show! Students will discover how these classes of animals are different and the same while hearing stories and fun facts about the animal world.
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Desert Show

Meet a diverse cast of animal puppets including a rattlesnake, tortoise, tarantula, and more during this fun show about nature’s most extreme environment!  Students will hear stories of how animals adapt to survive in harsh habitats and how certain animals, such as the tortoise, end up helping all the animals that live nearby!
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Wetland Show

Students will go on an imaginary journey through the Chesapeake Bay watershed during this show featuring aquatic animal puppets including a sea turtle, snapping turtle, frog, fish and more!  The story of how a plastic bag ends up traveling from a playground in Northern Virginia to the Atlantic Ocean and almost hurts a sea turtle helps students understand how we are all connected to all parts of this planet.
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Custom Show

Are you teaching a special unit or theme and want a Kids Nature Show to go with your curriculum? I am HAPPY to create a customized nature show just for you!  Just let me know what you are looking for, and I’ll make it happen.
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A master of the stage, Caroline mixes fun with facts that leave her audiences laughing and learning--and ultimately appreciating the amazing creatures that share their world.
will stolzenburg
will stolzenburg
Caroline Seitz makes education approachable, funny, and entertaining. Even adults will be charmed by Kids Nature Shows and kids will talk about them for days!!
Jen Merritt
Jen Merritt
Kid Nature Shows presents nature topics in both a fun and yet educational manner. Caroline is an amazing educator, really enjoys sharing her knowledge with kid of all ages.
Robin Stiles
Robin Stiles